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New Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti Details Surfaced in a Leak

The Nvidia RTX 40 generation could soon have a new family member. The first rumors about the next top card RTX 4090 Ti have appeared on the net, which assigns interesting specifications to the card. But the release is still a long time coming.

A first good overview of the RTX 4090 Ti

Nvidia is currently in no hurry to present a new top model, as the RTX 4090 is selling quite well despite the high price, and even the competition from AMD can’t change that at the moment. Nevertheless, the development is of course continuing and so it should not be surprising that specifications for an Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti have now been published for the first time. As Videocardz reports, the leaker Kopite recently provided information that allows a good first impression of the map’s structure.

Accordingly, the RTX 4090 Ti has a slimmed-down AD102 GPU with 18176 cores. The Ti card could surpass its little brother RTX 4090 by 1792 cores. In terms of power consumption, the leaker speaks of a “total power of the board” of 600 watts – it is not entirely clear whether this means thermal design parameters (TDP), total board power (TBP), or total graphics power (TGP). . Videocardz assumes a higher standard board power (450W+) with the same maximum configurable power limit – 600 watts is also the limit of the 16-pin connector.

Storage is faster

Hands were also put on at the storage facility. Nvidia relies on faster memory modules that can achieve up to 24 Gbit/s. Previous leaks had put a capacity of 48 GB in play here. Currently, the assumption can be made that thanks to this upgrade, the card will reach a maximum bandwidth of 1152 GB/s – this puts you around 144 GB/s ahead of the RTX 4090. Last but not least, Kopite also confirms the board number: With PG136 and PG139 As expected, Nvidia uses the same reference and Founders Edition boards as the RTX 4090.

The current information about the RTX 4090 Ti also allows one conclusion: Nvidia does not seem to be in a hurry to bring the new top card onto the market, and the leaker does not provide any indication of an imminent release. The next date that would suit the company very well to announce the card: the Nvidia GTC conference at the end of March.

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