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Nintendo Registers NSW Brand, New Switch After New 3DS?

Rumors of a possible Switch Pro continue to swirl around the web. But this time Nintendo gives food for thought. Indeed, the manufacturer has just registered the NSW brand. A name that could refer to a New Switch after the New3DS?

As you probably know, rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro persist again and again, despite the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED. It must be said that the Japanese brand regularly files patent applications. Recently, we got a glimpse of the manufacturer’s next controller thanks to a brand new patent. This time it would indeed be a new console.

On June 29, 2022, the European Intellectual Protection Office published Nintendo’s Application No. 018725405. It is about a new brand called NSW. As can be seen from the document, this designation covers a fairly wide range of products related to video games and toys. Nevertheless, the essential categories are well named in our view:

  • Game consoles, controllers for game consoles, portable consoles for playing video games, game apparatus, gaming machines

After the New 3DS, a New Switch in preparation?

Of course, Nintendo is voluntarily blurring the tracks by opting for an endless list of product categories. However, the NWS brand could very well refer to a new switch This theory remains plausible, especially because in the past Nintendo has already used this name with the New 3DS.

As a reminder, this version of BigN’s famous portable console offered a larger screen, better ergonomics and slightly improved power. This model stood out as the ultimate model of the 3DS but was still allowed to play all titles stamped 3DS. Who knows, maybe Nintendo would be tempted to follow the same strategy with a New Switch that’s more powerful, bigger, and more ergonomic, which would nevertheless coexist with previous models such as the classic Switch, the Switch Lite, and the Switch OLED.

After 5 years of career and $60 billion reported, the moment seems perfectly chosen to launch a new Switch, which would act as a transition to a possible Switch 2 in a few years, Of course, this approach has already been adopted by Nintendo with the New 3DS, or even by Sony with the PS4 Pro. Moreover, many specialists agree that Sony is already working on a redesign of the PS5. Nintendo would be wrong to deny it.