Nothing is working on a latest product for January 2024

A new product appears to be due in January of next year, but little is being done to prepare for its introduction. We’re probably looking at the Nothing Ear (3) earbuds here, at least according to the information Mashable India has provided.

Nothing is ready to introduce a new product in the first half of 2019

We don’t have any information about the new product, but this information is purportedly coming from “trusted internal sources.” As of right now, all we know is that the Nothing Ear (3) is supposed to be a mysterious product.

We will soon be receiving a new set of earphones from Nothing that are completely wireless. While the Ear (2) showed a noticeable improvement, the Nothing Ear (1) fell short of expectations. The summer of 2021 saw the launch of the Nothing Ear (1). In March 2023, the Nothing Ear (2) earbuds were released. The Nothing Ear (3) was not anticipated to arrive until at least the end of Q3 2024, but it appears that it will in January.

The Nothing Ear (2) earphones bore a striking resemblance to the original model. Many folks wouldn’t be able to identify the difference despite some minor size and detail modifications on the earphones.

It seems like Nothing Ear (3) will signify a significant redesign

It’s likely that Nothing will continue to use the same design language for the third-generation model. Although we are unsure of the product’s appearance, if we had to guess, we would say it is similar to the first two generations.

However, we anticipate further advancements under the hood. The Nothing Ear (2) had quick charging, a respectable battery life, support for Bluetooth 5.3, and codecs for AAC, SBC, and LHDC 5.0. They also held a certification in Hi-Res audio.

Nothing will need to accomplish anything remarkable to improve upon the features that the Ear (2) offered. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and the two primary areas we anticipate seeing are sound and ANC.

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