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Now, you can access your Google account by using a passkey

Using passwords is considered the most secure method when it comes to signing into apps and websites. Recently, the tech company Google announced the end of passwords. The tech company is now going to roll out the passkeys feature. Passkeys is one of the easiest and most secure methods for signing in apps and websites, says the company. Indeed this is a major step towards a password-free future.

Passkeys are a simpler method for signing in to apps and websites. It is similar to unlocking a smartphone with a fingerprint, face scan, or a screen lock PIN. The major difference is the security of passkeys against online attacks like phishing. In this way, they act more securely than stuff like SMS one-time codes.

One thing to notice here is that screen unlock PIN becomes the weakest when using passkeys. Let’s say a user has a simple Pin like 1234 or 6789 and someone steals their smartphone, then they could have access to all user accounts that were protected by passkeys. The feature is now available with Google Account. Furthermore, the passkeys are also available with services like DocuSign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo! Japan.

Remember to use a strong and multi-digit PIN on your smartphone. Administrators will soon have the opportunity to give their end users passkeys for Google Workspace accounts.

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