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Now you can view the YouTube Shorts on your smart TV

There is no limit to innovation when it comes to technology. Various tech companies are joining hands and introducing multiple features across various platforms. One such collaboration is between Samsung and YouTube. Whether you prefer it or not like, YouTube Shorts were there to take over the podium.

Yes, the foreseeable is going to happen soon. A recent announcement made by YouTube revealed that the short format of its videos i.e., YouTube Shorts will be outspreading to smart TVs. And of course, when it comes to smart TVs how can we forget about Samsung? The range of smart TVs featuring this update for sure includes the smart TVs by Samsung.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned by Google. As of November 8, the platform shared it wants to compete with its rivals like Meta and TikTok. Given this perspective, it said that it will devise a strategy on how to make its YouTube Shorts more popular across the globe. Concerning this smart TVs, game consoles, as well as streaming devices launched after 2019 will receive the YouTube Shorts feature.

Just like a user can use YouTube via its app. It will be available on smart TVs. Where users could view and play the YouTube Shorts, visit channel pages, choose their preferred content, like or dislike videos, share videos, and even subscribe to the respective channels depending on the user’s choice.

Now, the question arises of how the videos will be made consistent with TV screens. Currently, three different design concepts are in pipeline. These concepts refer to filling the empty black spaces when displayed when the video is played on a wide screen. One of the concepts implies the usage of a traditional video player and checking whether it requires a new design to fill the blank spaces. Furthermore, a jukebox style is also under consideration. A Jukebox style video player could show multiple shorts and consequently fill up the screen.

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