OnePlus 12 may skip Sony LYT-900 camera sensor after all

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As per information from a new rumor, the OnePlus 12 won’t use a Sony LYT-900 sensor. This information came in from a tipster, Yogesh Brar. This device was expected to utilize the best Sony has to offer, but it seems like that’s not happening.

OnePlus 12 won’t be using Sony LYT-900 sensor

OnePlus recently announced a partnership with Sony that confirmed the use of the Sony LYTIA sensor. The Sony LYT-900 sensor, which is regarded as the most potent in Sony’s lineup, was anticipated to be employed by many.

But based on this rumor, that’s not going to happen. It is said that the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open will share the same primary camera sensor. As stated differently, the phone is going to use the Sony LYT-808 sensor. That sensor is a “Pixel Stacked” CMOS as well, and it is incredibly potent. It may not bother many, but the phone was not supposed to use that exact same camera.

Sony LYT-808 is quite a powerful camera sensor

For those who are keeping track, that camera sensor has 48 megapixels. We’ll receive an f/1.7 aperture lens if it ends up using the same lens as the OnePlus Open. OIS is supported, and multi-directional PDAF and a 1.12um pixel size will be present.

Why did OnePlus decide against using an alternative camera sensor?

According to the tipster, OnePlus wants to make sure everything is perfect out of the box this time. The company’s top models needed multiple updates in the past to adjust the camera precisely. It appears that OnePlus wants everything to be ready right out of the box this time.

It’s still anticipated that the OnePlus 12 will launch in January of next year. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 arriving earlier than anticipated, there’s a slim probability that OnePlus may make the announcement in December.

It is unclear if OnePlus will relaunch its flagship device in China first, like it did the last time, or if a formal worldwide launch would occur right away.

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