OnePlus 12 Oriental Screen Production Issues Are Resolved Launch Is Closer

OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus 12 will be the first smartphone to feature the “Oriental Screen,” a new display technology developed in collaboration with BOE Technology Group. This announcement was made by Li Jie of OnePlus through a Weibo post, expressing relief and excitement that the production issues of the Oriental Screen have been fully resolved, and the industry-leading display is ready for launch.

The Oriental Screen, jointly developed by OnePlus and BOE, leverages BOE’s latest screen materials and circuit technology, along with OnePlus and OPPO’s proprietary chips and software algorithms. This collaboration has resulted in a display that surpasses a brightness level of 2600 nits. Additionally, the screen incorporates the industry’s most advanced LTPO technology, leading to significant breakthroughs in areas like screen trailing, power saving, and lifespan.

Notably, the Oriental Screen is not just about high resolution with its 2K display but also excels in color accuracy, transparency, color bias control, and display comfort. It stands out as the first domestically produced screen to receive DisplayMate A+ certification and has set new records in 18 categories of DisplayMate A+.

In terms of screen perception, the Oriental Screen brings a major breakthrough in pixel fineness through a unique circuit design. This allows for pixel-level color calibration and exceptionally high grayscale uniformity.

On the hardware front, the OnePlus 12 will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip and feature a 64-megapixel periscope telephoto lens with OIS optical stabilization.

This development marks a significant milestone for OnePlus, showcasing its commitment to innovation and collaboration in the tech industry. The OnePlus 12, with its Oriental Screen, is poised to offer a unique and advanced visual experience, setting new standards in smartphone display technology.

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