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OnePlus To Start Its Own Cheaper Sub-brand Nord


Anyone who assumed that the first new mid-range smartphone from OnePlus would be launched under the name OnePlus Z in years is very wrong. Instead, there will soon be a model with which OnePlus will probably establish its own “cheap brand“.

According to a tipster Max J. , who has the best contacts from the company’s environment, OnePlus will shortly launch a new series of cheaper smartphones. The name “Nord” will play an important role, because the devices will obviously start under a kind of sub-brand.

Instead of OnePlus Z, there is OnePlus Nord

It is not yet clear whether Nord by OnePlus or OnePlus Nord or other possible variants such as Nord Mobile or another combination of the manufacturer’s name and the sub-brand will actually be used. However, it is certain that OnePlus Z does not have this name. Instead, they probably want to fall back on the name “Nord”, which OnePlus has already registered for trademark protection across a large number of countries last year.

According to Max, the new OnePlus smartphone, which, among other things, should offer a 5G modem at a lower price, will be marketed as “Nord by OnePlus”, although this designation alone indicates that the name should not only stand for a single device. OnePlus had already indicated a few weeks ago that it wanted to bring more products onto the market as part of an entire ecosystem of cheaper devices.

This basically makes it quite clear where the trip is going. With the new mid-range smartphone, OnePlus is expanding its product range beyond the two now relatively expensive flagship models of the OnePlus 8 series and is trying to appeal to more price-conscious customers. Ultimately, one wants to compete with manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei, all of which are targeting the middle and lower price segments with their own subsidiary brands such as Redmi, Realme, and Honor.

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