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Only a few days until the arrival of the new Apple Watch Ultra

In a few days’ time, on 23 September to be exact, Apple will make its new wristwatch available for purchase. For now, the watch can only be pre-ordered. The Cupertino-based company has staked everything on this Apple Watch Ultra and says it is happy with the feedback so far received from potential customers and industry experts.

Apple’s smartwatch has the tough task of beating the market, and for now, on paper, it has all the capabilities, only time will tell if this move will be a winner or will lead Apple company to have to revise its steps.

Will the Apple Watch Ultra be a gamble?

It has already been released abroad and reviews are mixed, although on average users consider the device to be very good. In short, they are trying to answer the question: Is it really as useful as Apple claims? Well, in this case, doubts can only be dispelled by prolonged use by a large number of consumers.

It is therefore a gamble and an expensive one at that. In fact, the starting price is €1009.00, double that of the Apple Watch 8. Overall, the smartwatch has many merits, but it is still a slot machine game. Those who like to have fun with slots will certainly prefer NetBet, an industry-leading platform ready to satisfy lovers of the genre.

Why this move by Apple?

Apple did not want to bring an expensive smartwatch onto the market just for the sake of it, but with a specific purpose. The products of the company founded by Steve Jobs have long since become synonymous with luxury and a symbol of status. So has wearing Rolexes, designer clothes, and driving luxury brand sports cars.

The Cupertino-based company, however, wants its users to use its products for their hi-tech components, which is why it developed the Apple Watch Ultra. The watch should not simply be a smartwatch but a device that can follow anyone’s life at any time, especially during sports. This is what Apple’s engineers focused on the most, trying to create a product that could compete with the world’s largest GPS manufacturers.

The Features

The first feature that jumps out at you is the screen, much larger than the Apple Watch 8, contained in an ultra-resistant titanium case. We find no less than three audio speakers so that both voice commands and audio output can be improved. This factor is very important because an emergency siren, audible up to 180 meters, is integrated inside.

The battery should last about 36 hours with standard use – remember that the display is much brighter than usual – and 60 hours with power saving. Apple, as already mentioned, strongly wanted to increase the GPS capabilities of the smartwatch, so as to make it the perfect companion for every sportsman. Worth mentioning is a depth gauge up to 40 meters, as well as improved components for measuring vital values, such as the heart rate monitor.

All that remains is to try it out

We know that the cost is a barrier not to be underestimated, but the fact remains that only by trying it out will we be able to see what it is worth. We liked the shape a lot and we think it is above all very beautiful to wear. Will you try it on?

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