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OpenAI surveys audiences regarding the Premium version of ChatGPT

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A few months back ChatGPT was introduced by OpenAI. Since then the AI chatbot has taken the internet by storm. Given this perspective, the team behind ChatGPT is eager to cash the opportunity. For this, the company has introduced a waiting list alongside a survey. The survey is targeted at audiences that are interested in the premium version of the latest tech.

OpenAI has mentioned about a new version of AI in the official Discord server of the company. This development was initially reported by TechCrunch. The waitlist is actually a Google Form. It reveals the name of the premium service that is ChatGPT Professional. The form basically collects demographic information. In addition to this, it asks some questions that will supposedly narrow down the monthly subscription for chatbots.

The questions included in the Google Form comprise several queries regarding the pricing. For instance, it asks the user for the price that won’t affect the quality of the tool, the price that will be too expensive for users, and the price for which it will be presented as the best offer.  Basically, these questions are asking for the opinions of the users.

The company declared in its official discord that they are thinking to monetize the chatbot. In addition to this, the company mentioned that they are targeting to improve service quality. Given this perspective, monetizing the tool will guarantee long-term sustainability. The company also added that they might be taking feedback from some folks via chatting for a time span of 15 minutes.

So far, the tool was free to use. However, it’s just been some time since OpenAI started using a paid version option. Furthermore, the survey by the company publicizes some professional features of ChatGPT.

OpenAI has gained huge success with ChatGPT. The latest platform has grabbed the attention of the masses. The pattern of popularity is quite similar to the DALL-E, which was introduced earlier in 2022. With its growing popularity, companies like Microsoft are coming forward to partner with the platform.

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