OPPO Foldable Smartphone to launch soon

We have heard news and reports of a foldable smartphone to be released by Samsung namely Galaxy X. But Samsung is not the only smartphone company to introduce a dual screen phone. Now it’s revealed that OPPO will soon launch a foldable smartphone that will have a dual camera. So another smartphone brand is ready to introduce a phone that will easily switch between tablet and phone.

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A recent OPPO patent has unveiled that OPPO foldable smartphone will open like a tablet. OPPO folding device will have a pivot, but the front will show a single display. OPPO is clearly in the competition, ready to introduce a foldable device for its customers.

Foldable OPPO smartphone patent was picked by China Mobile. The phone will be the best choice for those users who are interested to buy a foldable, affordable smartphone. As per the patent, the smartphone appears completely normal, with no bezel on one side, it looks like a thin tablet.

As per the rumors the OPPO foldable phone will be used with front and back displays. OPPO will use its best camera that could be used both from the front and back, depending on where the user is holding the device from.

OPPO is developing a foldable device with Apple, Samsung, and LG. It is not confirmed that OPPO will develop an exact similar device as mentioned in its patent but the good news remains that OPPO is working on the new technology to introduce a foldable device.

As for the Samsung Foldable phone, the price is not known yet. As the phone is foldable, it has good features it is expected that the phone will be quite expensive. The price of recently released Galaxy S8 is £689. Galaxy X will definitely be more expensive than S8. As for the features of the phone, the phone will be able to fold via the flexible OLED panel and some segmented design. The design will be so innovative that users would be able to switch the gadget to a smartphone, tablet, and even a wearable device.

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