PhotoRoom collaborates with Google to improve its productivity

Among the several other AI tools, there are some tools that can be used for photo editing. Yes, you read it right. Now you can edit photos with the help of AI. PhotoRoom is one such editing site. Reportedly, the editing site has collaborated with Google Cloud. In this way, PhotoRoom will now offer enhanced processing times.

AI is blooming in the business enterprise sector. Among the several beneficial aspects of AI, one of the most frightening aspects is its capacity to produce human-level content within a few seconds. Well, this is also beneficial but on the other end, it is scary too. Since it has the potential to enhance productivity and reduce the processing time.

This is exactly what PhotoRoom does. It uses AI to process professional-level images. In addition to this, it utilizes generative AI to generate backgrounds for images. Furthermore, it can also remove objects by using AI powers.

PhotoRoom collaborates with Google Cloud

As one might expect, Google has access to some fairly powerful computers. Therefore, the processing speed of any person or any organization who gains access to these powerful computers will undoubtedly increase. In the case of PhotoRoom, this is true. Techradar claims that the two businesses joined forces to allow PhotoRoom access to Google’s A3 supercomputers.

Well, the actual specs and features are unknown to us. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that these computers power our whole Google experience. From this perspective, we can assume how fast they could be. Following this collaboration, PhotoRoom declares that processing times will be reduced from days to just hours or even less. There is no compromise on quality and accuracy, says PhotoRoom.

In addition to this, PhotoRoom claims that the number of images produced per year is expected to boost. As of now, PhotoRoom claims that 2 billion images are produced every year. Given the enhanced production speed, the number is expected to increase by the end of this year.

Without a doubt, PhotoRoom has won big with this. This may also make it easier for other businesses to collaborate with well-known brands like Google to utilize their services. The processing speed of their AI products might be significantly increased as a result.

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