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Pixel 7 Models Will Detect Cough And Snoring

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Well, the phones are not going to leave behind the smartwatches, along with the announcement of the Pixel 7 (Pro), Google also unveiled a number of software features exclusive to the duo. One of the interesting innovations is cough and snore detection, which uses the new Tensor G2 processor.

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Will Have Cough And Snore Detection Feature

Cough and snore detection is similar in concept to sleep detection in Amazon’s new sleep tracker Halo Rise. However, the feature relies solely on the microphones in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to record coughs and snores while you sleep, rather than using the low-power ambient motion sensor.

Sleep results are integrated into the daily summary of the Digital Wellbeing app. Users can read the exact coughing times and the duration of the snoring in hours and minutes on a separate timeline. However, the feature has to be activated first and requires setting the bedtime schedule in the app.

It’s unclear if Google will improve the app with automatic sleep detection in the future. But at least the current feature is surprising, especially as the AI ​​capabilities of Pixel devices keep getting smarter. In addition to the standard wellness functions, the Digital Wellbeing app also offers parental controls.

As for privacy, Google says the process takes place within the device and the data is not sent to the cloud or external servers. However, Google hasn’t confirmed if the feature is exclusive to the Pixel 7 series or to all Tensor G2 devices.

Do you think smartphones should come with smart features in order to improve health and fitness monitoring? Do you think they will prevail as smartwatches? Let us know in the comments below.

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