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Pixel Fold Rendered Images Are Released By Google

As leaked previously by Evan Blass @evleaks on social media, now comes true because now Google has officially exposed the details of a new upcoming Pixel Fold.

Google just made the Pixel Fold official, at least to a large extent. The Internet company has not yet given any details about the technical data but published a teaser clip in which the smartphone with a foldable display can be seen in all its glory.

The Google Pixel Fold has been buzzing around the rumor mill for quite some time, but so far it’s only been seen on CAD render images and a few early marketing images released a few days ago by well-known Twitter leaker and blogger Evan Blass. Now Google has put an end to the speculation, at least from a visual point of view, and is simply showing the pixel smartphone with the folding display in advance on May 4th, which is celebrated as “Star Wars” Day.

The US technology group is thus anticipating some of the announcements planned for the Google I/O and making it clear that the Google Pixel Fold will be presented there as expected. The device looks as expected, as it offers a large, almost full-surface main display on the inside, which has relatively wide bezels at the top and bottom. A second display is attached to the outside, which can be used to operate the smartphone if necessary, even when it is closed.

External display for most tasks, main display for more space

If you want to work with several apps, watch videos or use websites in desktop mode, the phone can simply be opened to use the much larger main screen. According to previous reports, the Pixel Fold’s large display will be 6.7 inches diagonal. Compared to the foldable smartphones from other manufacturers, however, the edges are noticeably wide here. It is conceivable that Google wants to ensure that the device can be held better in this way.

As before, there are still a few unanswered questions, including the precise fitment and whether the two halves of the case lie flat on top of each other when closed. However, the first teaser video from Google clearly shows that the Pixel Fold wants to offer premium equipment with a metal frame and three cameras on the back.

In terms of price, the Google Pixel Fold will probably be higher than the competing products from Samsung. At least in the USA, the cheapest version with 256 GB of internal flash memory will probably cost a whopping 1799 US dollars. In this country, the 2000 euro mark could well be cracked.

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