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Six Signs You’re Ready for a Professional Poker Tournament

Six Signs You’re Ready for a Professional Poker Tournament

Go Pro – Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Many people consider playing poker for a living a dream come true. Poker is an intriguing career choice because of the independence it provides and the nearly limitless money possibility. The grass, however, is not always greener on the opposite side. Being a professional poker player entails many difficulties. Leaving the security of regular work for the unpredictability of playing cards to make ends meet is not a decision to be taken lightly. If this is something you’ve been considering, look at these top six indicators you’re ready to transition from recreational online poker player to professional, and see how many boxes you can check.

  1. You Can Keep Your Emotions in Check – Amateurs tend to get excited when diverse scenarios occur on the table. Because this is all new to them, whether three kings fall on the flop or someone makes quads, your average amateur will probably get thrilled and start blabbering. Conversely, the professional will be completely uninterested in the event, likely nodding and smiling in response to the amateurs’ comments.
  1. You’re Disciplined – I am trying to remember meeting a successful individual who wasn’t highly disciplined in their chosen career. That is still true for business people, fellow authors, professional athletes, and even professional gamblers. We’ll concentrate on poker players for our purposes. When poker players engage in reckless activity, their danger increases. The entire game is significantly more of a matter of skill than chance. Because poker is a skill-based game, every decision you make at the poker table affects how well you perform.
  1. You Have A Good Work Ethic – The general population has little regard for poker players and their job. In the early days of internet poker, you might make a fortune with little poker expertise or knowledge. To make a living at poker, you must now have a strong work ethic and the ability to multitask. Those willing to put in the time and effort may be rewarded with a career that allows them to work from home. A considerable commitment is required to become a professional poker player. You must devote your entire heart, mind, and soul to the game for extended periods.
  1. You Consistently Win – Your win rate is a significant indicator that you should increase your stakes. To consider moving forward, you must regularly win. Online players can use a Heads Up Display (HUD) to track their outcomes, while live players have various alternatives for poker-tracking, like apps on their phones. Keep note of your results; if you’re consistently winning, you could be ready to move up to the big league and compete against the pros.
  1. Passion for the Game – To make a living playing poker tournaments, you must first and foremost enjoy the game. Tournament poker may be stressful and challenging at times, so you must keep that fire burning to take all the heat that tournament poker will hurl at you. That doesn’t imply you’ll never be annoyed or angry while playing poker. Making difficult decisions in-game and preparing for the game requires a lot of mental focus and discipline.
  1. You Have the Experience – The most significant aspect of becoming a great poker player is experience. Becoming a great poker player is possible if you put in thousands of hours at the table and witness millions of hands. Because of the nature of online poker and the possibility of playing hundreds of hands every hour, you can gain skills faster than ever before. Before becoming a great poker player, you must play at least 10,000 hours of poker.


There are various ways to define what constitutes a strong poker player. Long-term consistency defines success for me. The ability to win in poker for a lengthy period is an uncommon commodity in the poker game. Players enter and go via a never-ending revolving door. More often than not, the current hot poker player is a flash in the pan on a hot streak that ends abruptly and ruthlessly. Then there are the core poker players who consistently win over time. You keep seeing their name pop up over and over. Are you ready to add your name to the list?