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PowerToys Get An Update With .NET 7 and Several Changes

Microsoft releases PowerToys version 0.66.0 with standalone .NET 7 and many fixes. The update has recently become available.

Microsoft has released an interesting update for the PowerToys Windows tool collection. While there are no new features this time, it’s an important release because Microsoft is now adding a standalone .NET 7, among other things, eliminating the need to add .NET as part of the installer.

The standalone version of .NET 7 is perhaps the biggest change in this release, but probably not the most important in everyday life. In addition to a number of important bug fixes, this latest update also includes new options and settings for the Quick Accent and Text Extractor modules. There are also a number of other improvements.

Text Extractor users can now choose which of the installed OCR languages ​​the utility should use by selecting them from the right-click context menu. More about the changes can be found on GitHub on the project page.

Crashes are fixed

We have linked the tool collection at the end of this article and also provide useful help.

Microsoft also added a setting to sort the order of accented characters by frequency of use in Quick Accent. One of the most important bug fixes is the elimination of a problem that could cause the color picker to crash. A crash bug has also been addressed for Fanzy Zones.

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