Production difficulties are plaguing Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Last month, the Cupertino-based tech firm finally unveiled the Vision Pro. The company shared the details and insights about its spatial computer. Moreover, the company claimed that the headsets will be available for sale in early 2024. Of course, the availability of headsets in early next year implies that the manufacturers must improve yields and resolve the related problems.

As per a recent report shared by the Financial Times, things are not quite good. They are not working in accordance with plans. The company has dropped its internal target of selling one million units after the first month of Vision Pro’s availability. As per the information shared by two internal sources, Luxshare was responsible for assembling the headsets. Reportedly, it will assemble less than 400,000 units next year.

Furthermore, Only 130,000–50,000 units for the following year were apparently ordered from two different component suppliers. In addition to this, the biggest hurdles are created by the expensive components. They are mainly the two micro-OLED displays. Sony and TSMC are responsible for providing the displays and they are currently facing low yields.

Besides this, the company is also reportedly working on a cheaper option for the headset. It is taking into consideration some other display types like mini-LED. However, the company might likely stick to the micro-OLED option. Perhaps, the company will select LG and Samsung for the supply of displays of the low-cost units since a second-generation flagship is already in the works.

Vision Pro is a complicated device. It has several unique features like EyeSight. Reportedly, EyeSight projects. There is also an added view that is visible to others. When Apple tried to scale the production, this and the cutting-edge technology, like the high-resolution micro-OLED displays (which create the image for the user), inexorably caused problems. For this reason, the launch date was set for months after the announcement. It appears that the difficulty was overestimated by Apple and its collaborators.

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