PS5 users will have free access to Apple Music for six months

Tech companies have different products and services. The companies use different strategies from time to time to promote and expand their services. Previously, Apple sued all its channels to promote Apple Pay Later and now the company is all set to promote another service. The Cupertino-based tech company Apple is putting in all its efforts to attract more consumers to Apple Music. According to a recent piece of information, the company is giving free access to Apple Music to PS5 users. Reportedly, PS5 owners will get six months of free access to the Apple Music service.

The option can be accessed quite easily. The PS5 owners just need to sign into the PlayStation Network and download the Apple Music app. Just keep following the instructions. Once the app is downloaded, create a new Apple ID or use the existing account credentials to access the app. Once set up, the app is ready to be used.

The PlayStation website advises users to make a custom gaming playlist on Apple Music to listen to before, during, and following gameplay sessions. Do note that the promotion service is only accessible to PlayStation 5 users. It has not been delivered to the PlayStation 5 console.

Although the service is free, it is not available to all users. It is only available to new and eligible subscribers of Apple Music. New subscribers will be given access for six months, whereas returning users will be given free access for five months. The discount is valid on Apple until November 15. An ongoing subscription can be maintained for $10.99 a month after the initial six-month period ends.

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