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Reason Why a Wallpaper is crashing android phones

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Complaints were being reported by many android users that a picture of a glorious sunset is crashing their phones on setting it up as a wallpaper. No reason could be identified until and unless the man who took the shot spoke up about it.

The picture shows a mesmerizing sunset against the cloudy sky along with a lot of greenery and a lake in the foreground. The photo is no different from the other pictures which people usually use to set as wallpapers.

Many people complaint that after applying the picture as a wallpaper, their handset was switching on and off continuously and the only way to fix this issue was a factory reset which erases all the data from the phone.

An amateur photographer who is also a San Diego-based scientist Gaurav Agrawal reached out BBC when the image got viral. He told there that he took the picture at St Mary Lake in Glacier National Park situated in Montana in 2019 when he went there with his wife. He also said that the picture was taken from a Nikon camera.

After capturing the picture from the Nikon camera, Agrawal edited the image with software named known as Lightroom, and later on, he uploaded the photo on Flickr.

 The reason why the image is crashing the phones is ‘Color Space’, said the bug specialists and the Tech reporters.

The software Lightroom provides a restricted number of color-mode options in order to export the finished results. The color mode Gaurav Agrawal chose for this photo did not sit well with Google pixel phone and Android 10 as these phones are unaware of how to display colors appropriately.

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