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Reddit is introducing a news feed feature to the site


Reddit is introducing its “news” tab into beta, the company announced. The move follows on Reddit’s initial test of a news-related feature that began this May, when an alpha version introduced to some users of Reddit’s iOS app. At the time, Reddit said it wanted to give news its own dedicated home on its site in order to make it navigable for those with a lot of sub-reddit subscriptions to find the news without having to look around.

To determine what’s worthy, Reddit claims to first figured out which sub-reddits were engaged with news the most. It determined this by looking at the most-clicked posts by domain in the subreddits. The company came up with a list of around 1,000 domains from media publishers focused on news. This list was used to help it shed light on those communities where news was regularly discussed.

The domain list was only used to chalk out the appropriate subreddits where news was often discussed. Reddit also has a few other requirements for the communities featured in the News tab. They must have active moderation, abide by Reddit’s content policies and its guidelines for healthy communities, and the community has to require the post title accurately reflects the article title.

The communities part of the News section of Reddit discuss a variety of topics like, business, science, sports, gaming, entertainment, tech news, and more. The majority of the posts are link posts, with the exception of some sports news where video is allowed. Reddit users are known to break news, being the initial ones to sport news-the News Tab is aimed at showcasing work from news publications. The product is in beta testing more and the users are still giving feedback about the new feature.

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