Reportedly, Apple is asking manufacturers for “Bezelless” OLED iPhone displays

According to a recent report by The Elec, the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple has demanded the manufacturers provide ‘bezelless’ OLED display panels for the upcoming iPhone models.

Seemingly the company has requested LG Display and Samsung to manufacture the new OLED display tech that retains the physical appeal of the current iPhone design. The company wants to ditch the curved display design that is showcased by several other companies with ultra-slim bezels. Such information indicates that the company is reluctant to adopt a curved side design for its iPhones given the possible problems with optical distortion and endurance.

The company believes that the bezelless display tech will help improve under-panel camera (UPC) technology as well as thin film encapsulation (TFE). In addition to this, utilizing it in future iPhone series will provide more space to place the components like antennas by reducing interference. These advancements are purportedly made possible by maintaining a flat display design, as they are currently not achievable with a curved display.

The available information suggests that the company intends to introduce the bezelless OLED panels on the iPhone 17 Pro set to debut in 2025. Besides this, the iPhone 17 Pro is assumed to be the first device that will feature an under-display Face ID technology. It will be placed right beside the hole-shaped cutout for the front-facing camera.

Similarly, the company is considering a release date before the debut of its custom microLED display tech on the iPhone. It is assumed that the company will use the custom microLED display tech on the Apple Watch Ultra scheduled for release in 2025. Furthermore, some other reports claim that the company will use the same tech on the iPhones in the following years.

The company intends to limit the bezel on iPhones with time. It wants to get rid of all bezel by relying on the next-gen OLED panels manufactured by Samsung and LG Display. The latest offerings by the company i.e., ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max models will feature the thinnest bezels of any smartphone until now. They will expectedly measure 1.55mm only.

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