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Rumors reveal that iPhone 16 might come up with 120Hz display

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Parallel to the opening of pre orders on the iPhone 15, we have gotten some interesting leak information from Majin Bu on the X. He was successful in grabbing some information regarding the iPhone 16, and it seems like the iPhone 16 will come with a 120 Hz display.

This can be a focal point in the tech world, as the iPhone 15 with a 60 Hz display is priced at $799. This is great news, but we can’t imagine it happening until Apple rebrands it. It’s difficult to imagine them introducing a “pro” function to a non-Pro iPhone because they now refer to 120 Hz as “ProMotion.”

We are referring to this as a “sketchy leak” because Majin Bu discovered this information while browsing several websites, including Weibo. Additionally, not all the information he shares is accurate. The color-coordinated USB-C cables for the iPhone 15 series were significant. It’s crucial to take everything here with a grain of salt.

Other than that, according to Ross Young, ProMotion will be available on regular iPhones by 2025. As a result, the iPhone 17 and not the 16 would receive 120 Hz. And that is probably more true given Young’s track record.

Do people care about iPhone 15’s only 60 Hz?

Many people do not care about the fact that the device is only 60 Hz instead of 120 Hz. Many people don’t even know what Hertz is. Really, the only group outraged is the tech community about a $799 phone that still uses 60 Hz.

However, it would be significant to see 120 Hz expand to all its panels. The supply chain would greatly benefit from it, as it currently accounts for most of the differences between displays. the speed of refresh. And Apple does a great job of streamlining its supply chain to maintain constant prices and increase profitability.

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