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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE leak reveals all four colors

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE appears to have been the subject of yet another leak, and this time it purports to display at least part of the device’s official colors.

The next phone is depicted in four different hues in leaked photos that MSPowerUser claims to be genuine Samsung advertising renders. Although renders of the phone have already surfaced, these appear to be the official Samsung renders that will be used in marketing efforts. It’s also important to note that previous leaks don’t appear to depict more than two colors. the models in black and white. According to MSPowerUser, these are most likely going to be dubbed Graphite Black and Pearl White.

Galaxy S23 FE reveals all four colors

The black color may be seen in the leaked rendering together with the other three hues. Pearl White, Purple Lavender, and Olive are allegedly the colors of these. So basically, we have purple, green, white, and black.

These color palettes are quite like those of the original Galaxy S23. Although the names are different and there is one fewer color option, The colors, however, belong to the same color type. Given that there are five phones in the photograph, a fifth color may also exist. This is illustrated below. Since the fifth phone is viewed from the front, just the screen and the very edges of the frame are visible. making it difficult to see the back’s color.

It appears that the Galaxy S23 FE is almost ready to be released with all the recent leaks for the device and the reported leak of an official promotional render. Every one of these hues ought to be offered wherever Samsung sells the phone. However, on occasion, it does maintain regional exclusivity for colors. Another possibility is that certain colors might only be available in one of the available storage sizes if this phone has more than one.