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Samsung Announces Advanced 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensor for Wider Mobile Applications

Samsung image sensor

Samsung is a company that plays a central role in the technology sectors and that is not exclusively active in the field of mobile devices. Perhaps not everyone knows that Samsung also produces photosensors.

In this context, the South Korean manufacturer presented the new ISOCELL sensors characterized by 0.7 μm pixels. This is a series of sensors aimed at different ranges of mobile devices, starting with the most demanding in terms of performance such as the top of the range. Let’s see together the new products unveiled by Samsung:

  • Samsung ISOCELL HM2 is a 108-megapixel sensor, smaller than its predecessors HMX and HM1. It allows 3x zoom without any loss of detail and offers pixel binning with 9 pixels. Video recording is ensured at 4K resolution at 120 fps.
  • Samsung ISOCELL GW3 is a 64-megapixel sensor, integrates electronic image stabilization and is capable of recording at 4K resolution at 60 fps.
  • Samsung ISOCELL GM5 is a 48-megapixel sensor designed to be used as a telephoto or wide-angle camera. Among the supported standards we find HDR, while it is able to record at full HD resolution at 480 fps.
  • Samsung ISOCELL JD1 is a 1 / 3.14 ″ 32 megapixel sensor designed to be used as a front camera. The sensor is in fact compatible with the arrangement in the holes made in the display or to be integrated into the motorized pop-up mechanisms.

The new construction technology used by Samsung, called ISOCELL 2.0, has allowed optimization of the pixel dimensions: this will allow greater miniaturization of the sensors and an increase in light sensitivity equal to 12% compared to the previous generation of Samsung’s ISOCELLs. The table below shows you an overview of the main features and potential of the sensors just presented by Samsung.

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