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Samsung begins rolling out the Gaming Hub feature for 2021 smart TVs

Earlier this year Samsung released the Gaming Hub. Gaming Hub is a cloud-based gaming platform. It was released for selected smart TVs. As of now, Samsung seems to move a step ahead in its technology. Samsung promised that soon it will introduce the Gaming Hub feature for select smart TVs and monitors released in 2021. Samsung declared that soon the game streaming will roll out to 2021 smart TVs via its official Twitter account.

So, if you have a smart TV by Samsung introduced in 2021, you can enjoy the exciting lineup of games. One of the most intriguing features linked with this technology is that it does not require ethernet cables, laptops, desktops, or gaming consoles. Otherwise, it won’t be as magnificent as playing on a PC or a gaming console. It is quite amazing to play games directly on your smart TV.

The process underlying playing games on Samsung smart TVs and smart monitors is quite easy. only the users have to make sure that their device is up to date. If that is not the case, users can check for updates and upgrade their devices when required. Afterward, connect the controller. Choose the streaming service. And you are all set to start playing games.

Samsung Gaming Hub provides support for Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, Utomik, and GeForce NOW. The users are required to subscribe to any one of the gaming services so they could stream games on smart TVs. As soon as you have subscribed, sign in to your account with your credentials and enjoy your experience.

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