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Samsung Galaxy S21 To Come With The First Exynos 1000 Processor

Galaxy S21

It’s been Samsung’s legacy to release the new Galaxy S series every year, the next Galaxy S series flagship will be released early next year as well. However, the reports and rumors about the new Galaxy S21 have been already making rounds on the internet. Quite recently, popular mobile news platform SamMobile has revealed more configuration information about Galaxy S21, including the first launch of the Exynos 1000 processor equipped with Snapdragon 875 and Samsung’s own chip.

It is reported that both Exynos 1000 and Snapdragon 875 will use the 5nm process. Unlike Samsung’s other mobile processors in the past, Exynos 1000 uses AMD’s RDNA GPU technology. The RDNA GPU technology is licensed to Samsung by AMD in 2019 to replace the existing Maili GPU. The graphics performance of the chip with the AMD GPU architecture will be greatly improved, and the performance is worth looking forward to. AMD’s CPU performance is well known in the gaming industry and it can be said with confidence that AMD processors have a mark in Gaming technology.

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In addition, it is reported in the industry that Samsung’s under-screen camera solution is close to maturity. Although the Galaxy Note 20 series may be too late to carry, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will most likely be equipped with an under-screen camera solution. In terms of rear images, the main camera of the new device will be upgraded from 108 million pixels to 150 million pixels, as well as 64 million telephoto, 16 million pixels ultra-wide angle, plus a 12 million pixel depth of field lens and ToF, forming a rear five-camera combination I believe that the imaging system of the new machine will break through the new industry standards, and we might as well look forward to it.