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Samsung Working On Three New Foldable Smartphones

Galaxy Fold e

After Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone last year, the South Korean manufacturer already has plans to announce new devices in the same category soon. According to new rumors, Samsung electronics is reportedly working on three different foldable smartphones for the upcoming future.

This is learned from a tweet by the Twitter user Max Weinbach. The first new model is said to have the ultra-thin, foldable glass that is already used in the Galaxy Z Flip. The other two smartphones should, as is the case with the Galaxy Fold, be equipped with plastic. The models are probably available at a cheaper price as well.

The Galaxy Fold e Would Cost $1100

Already in November 2019, we had a leak which has provided a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The slimmed-down model could be offered under the name “Galaxy Fold Lite” or “Galaxy Fold e”. The new rumors assume that the smartphone is called “Galaxy Fold e” and can be purchased for around $ 1,100. 

This model may be one of the cheaper devices in which plastic glass was installed. The variant with the ultra-thin glass could be the Fold 2. We also had a leak earlier which suggested that Galaxy Fold 2 would be cheaper and it could cost as low as $845. So far it can only be speculated at what price the foldable will be available.

Of course, it should be noted that the information is only rumors. It is still open whether the leaks turn out to be true. In addition, it remains completely unclear when the new devices should appear. Samsung has not yet commented on the rumors or called a possible release period for the foldables.

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