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Samsung introduces Gen 2 LBL tech that presents a 70% reduction in harmful blue light

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A number of display-based products were showcased by the South Korean tech firm at CES 2023. These products range from the latest Micro LED and new monitors to QD-OLED TVs and the amazing Flex Hybrid display tech. All such products were introduced with high-end features that included enhanced brightness levels as well as precision. In addition to this, the company has not overlooked the safety concerns associated with the new tech, particularly for eye health. Concerning this, the company has introduced a new OLED panel. This panel will be utilized with portable PCs. Reportedly, it will display a 70% reduction in dangerous blue light.

Prolonged exposure to the screen results in extended exposure to blue light. Thus, causing problems with eyesight as well as discomfort. But the new solution by the tech company claims to lessen this blue light spectrum effect by over 70%. The company has stated that the Gen 2 LBL (Low Blue Light) tech is based on advanced AI and organic materials. For instance, if you use this OLED panel with Samsung Notebook, it will present you with 2,000 nits of brightness for every primary color. While it will also filter out more than 70% of dangerous blue light.

There are other solutions for this problem as well. One such solution is based on software. This software covers the whole image with a yellow color. But the Gen 2 LBL tech reduces the harmful blue light without disturbing the quality of the image and the accuracy of colors. According to the reports, Samsung Display will begin the commercialization of Gen 2 LBL tech by this year. However, we are not sure which brands will utilize such panels.

Some rumors suggest that Apple is working on a MacBook. This product will be a foldable MacBook measuring 20 inches in size. There is a chance that Apple might use this panel in its products. However, the MacBooks are planned for release in 2024. So, we will know with time which brands are inclined towards the new Gen 2 LBL OLED technology.

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