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Samsung is all set to introduce the charging bypass feature to more phones

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S23 series with some amazing features. Besides the upgraded cameras, display, chipset, and other such features the company introduced an interesting charging bypass feature. The charging bypass feature is associated with improving the gaming experience with the Galaxy S23 series. It is now anticipated that some of these features might be introduced to some previous versions of Galaxy devices.

Presently, the tech firm has introduced the Pause USB Power Delivery feature on Galaxy S23, galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. With the update of the Game Booster app to the latest version, Galaxy S22 users can get this feature. Once the feature is turned on, the power takes the direct route between the connected charger and the processor. In this way, the charging of the battery is stopped. Thus, it prevents the heating of the battery while gaming and improves the overall gaming experience with the smartphone. The new feature is presented in the Game Booster section of the Game Launcher. One thing to note here is that the feature works only with games.

As per the information from NLTech, this feature has made its appearance in some regions on the Galaxy A73 5G. in addition to this, the feature was also available on Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Surprisingly, some users assert that the new feature was presented soon after they utilized Samsung’s 45W USBPD charger. In order to activate the feature, it is required that the Game Booster app runs on version The latest updates for the app can be installed from the Galaxy store.