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Samsung Pay and Naver Pay integrate their mobile payment service

The South Korean tech giant declared that the collaboration between Samsung Pay and Naver Pay will begin in the country by tomorrow. Samsung Pay and Naver Pay are among the top mobile payment services in South Korea. Previously, the two companies announced their partnership in order to compete with Apple Pay in South Korea. Reportedly, Apple has officially introduced its mobile payment service in South Korea with the collaboration of Hyundai Card.

With the recent partnership between two mobile payment services, users will now have access to more products and services that support the above-mentioned payment services. Naver Smart Store has around 550,000 merchants. Users of Naver Pay’s online payment system can now see a separate option for Samsung Pay when they click on General Payment.

Furthermore, Naver Pay users can now access Samsung’s Pay NFC or MST service while paying for services and products when they shop offline. Such a feature is supported across all offline stores in the region.

Just last month, the two companies signed a mutual contract for the integration of their mobile payment services. The two companies aim to provide convenient mobile payment service options in the future. On the other hand, in contrast to Samsung Pay and Naver Pay, Apple Pay charges its consumers, credit card companies, and merchants. As of now, there is no word regarding any fee from Samsung Pay and Naver Pay. However, these two could possibly go for this step in the future.

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