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South Korean tech company brings a fresh update for Samsung Quick Share

Quick Share is a sharing service introduced for galaxy users by Samsung. Using Quick Share, users can share images, videos, and files instantly with friends and family members. At any given time, files can be shared with 5 people simultaneously. In contrast to the Nearby Share service by Samsung, Quick Share is a faster and feature-rich service.

The South Korean conglomerate has recently introduced some fresh updates for Quick Share. Reportedly, the new version is now available. According to the information, the fresh updates have introduced several quality-of-life improvements. The new updates are available with version The fresh updates include a new button that could be used to activate or deactivate the visibility of shareable devices in the Share panel.

One of the most notable features of the latest update is that it improves the device discoverability between different devices. If a user uses several Samsung Galaxy devices, all of them must always be discoverable among them. The changelog indicates the following modifications:

  • A new button that can turn on/turn off showing shareable devices in the Share panel.
  • Improved to always be discoverable between my devices

The latest updates for Quick Share could be received via an app update notification. In other cases, users can visit the Galaxy Store and download the updates manually. In order to download the updates manually, go to the Store app. Click on Menu, and click on the  “Updates” button at the top. In 2022, the South Korean tech company introduced a few visual upgrades for Quick Share. However, that update was accompanied by a weird bug issue. Thankfully, the bug has been fixed.

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