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Samsung planning a dream team in July for chip development by 2025


The world’s largest electronics manufacturer is apparently under enormous pressure from Apple and other competitors when it comes to the computing power of its processor platforms for smartphones and other devices. Samsung is now planning a “dream team” for chip development. Like the Korean portal Naver According to sources close to Samsung, the company plans to create a “joint task force”, i.e. a joint working group that will consist of employees from both the semiconductor and smartphone divisions. Initially, about 1000 employees will be assigned to this new working group, it is said.

Samsung reportedly wants to build an Apple chip killer by 2025

The goal of the project is to accelerate the work on new platforms for use in smartphones and other electronic devices to better keep up with Apple and other chip developers. The aim is to bring the first proprietary chip on the market by 2025, which should be able to offer more performance than the ARM processors for smartphones developed by Apple.

There have been multiple rumors about Samsung’s associated plans. The new report also states that Samsung plans to use the new chip exclusively in its Galaxy series of smartphones. Preparations are currently underway for the creation of the new “Dream Platform One Team”, as the working group would be referred to internally, and the team is expected to officially launch in July 2022.

Semiconductor and smartphone departments must finally work more closely together

The management is jointly in the hands of the two bosses of the semiconductor division Samsung LSI and the Samsung Mobile Experience Group. In addition, many employees from the two divisions will also be added to the task force. Apparently, they want to improve the internal collaboration of the teams, because so far the semiconductor division has developed the Samsung Exynos SoCs largely independently of the Galaxy smartphones in which they are used, although both divisions belong to the same group.

In the past, Samsung’s own high-end SoCs have been repeatedly criticized for their lack of power efficiency and disappointing performance, especially when compared to Qualcomm’s high-end chips. Samsung is now apparently looking to invest more in the future, having recently shrunk its Exynos division when a team of chip developers in Austin, Texas that had been around for years was disbanded.

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