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Samsung reveals upgraded GDDR6 memory offering huge capacity

Samsung 14nm DDR5 DRAM

Samsung is stepping forward to resolve the issue of massive memory and enhanced computing power requirements. They are required for the creation of objects and environments in virtual space. To address this issue it is introducing the new GDDR6 memory.

The company has termed the latest technology as the industry’s first next-gen graphics DRAM. It sees the custom GDDR6 products improved by the addition of DRAM devices. Thus, efficiently doubling the capacity and bandwidth. It eliminates the accompanying impacts including the larger form factor.

Samsung claims that GDDR6W will achieve its goals based on a similar energy footprint as GDDR6. Chip makers are hoping that the latest technology will help consumers to enjoy it without introducing much of changes to the existing hardware.

The new packaging has substituted the traditional printed circuit board (PCB) with a re-distribution layer. Thus, ensuring a compact design with fine wiring patterns. The traditional package thickness is reduced from 1.1mm to 0.7mm. Additionally, the stacking included in the construction of FOWLP makes it more cost as well as time effective. This is extremely helpful since many consumers are shifting their focus toward spending less.

CheolMin Park, Vice President of New Business Planning, at Samsung Electronics Memory Business, mentioned that the development of GDDR6W helps them promote distinguished memory products. These products are capable of satisfying the needs of consumers. This step will indeed help to secure their position in the market.

With the GDDR6W technology, Samsung is aiming to hit the AI and high-performance computing accelerators. In addition to this, Samsung has also shown its concerns about designing something with a small form factor in order to accommodate devices like notebooks. Whereas AMD and Nvidia like still support the new GDDR6W. Furthermore, Samsung plans to collaborate with its GPU partners to ensure a faster rollout.