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Samsung to cater to the semiconductor decline with the new research unit

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The semiconductor industry is facing a downfall. Despite the collapse, Samsung plans to integrate a new in-house global research organization. This organization will be integrated under the Device Solutions Business Division by next month. The major task of this research division is analyzing the international semiconductor market as well as uncovering new avenues for investment.

The current news is followed by a major loss for the Korean tech giant. In Q3 of the following year, Samsung lost its leading position to Intel concerning the global semiconductor market. The tech giant as well as other semiconductor companies is going through a period of a massive decline in demand. The COVID crisis has worsened the situation by disrupting the supply chain and the excess inventory in the course of recent times. With its new global semiconductor research division, Samsung is aiming to handle the current situation.

Though, Samsung plays a leading part in several research organizations. these organizations are given the responsibilities and duties of carrying out analysis across distinct fields. Where Samsung could rely on external sources for market research but it appears like external sources are not trusted by Samsung. It appears that Samsung wants to have a closer look at the global semiconductor space via an in-house research division instead of relying on external sources. The new division will expectedly start operations in December.

Given the reason for the decline in semiconductor supply as well as the oversupply of memory chips, the memory business of Samsung suffered a 14% yearly drop in revenue as of Q3 2022. According to the head of Samsung Semiconductor, the situation might not get better even by the next year. Still, the company intends to boost the production of memory chips for servers, since the requirement for this sector happens to be higher.

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