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Samsung wishes to add an S Slot to its future foldable smartphones

S21 Ultra S Pen

Some users prefer Pen slots with their smartphones. While others don’t.

Samsung has some good news for users who prefer Pen slots.

For the first time ever, Samsung plans to bring an S Pen slot to the Galaxy S series. The S Pen slot will be introduced to Galaxy S22. But sadly, Samsung has yet no plans for bringing an S slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung held a meeting with suppliers of foldable smartphones, where the decision regarding the addition of S slot pens was made. It was devised as a strategy to make foldable smartphones more popular among consumers. Additionally, Samsung also aims to address some other features. These include:

  • Lessening the size of the display crease
  • Making smartphones more durable
  • Improving the cameras
  • Making foldable smartphones lighter and thinner

Furthermore, as per the news story by The Elec, Samsung was originally planning to add an S slot to Galaxy Z Fold 4. This could be something very intriguing for the latest foldable smartphone, but unfortunately, this couldn’t happen. Additionally, Samsung planned to add high-end camera modules for Galaxy Z Fold 4. But considering the weight and thickness of the smartphone, the plan got canceled.

However, we know that most users want an S slot for their foldable variants. Though, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and 4 support the slot for S Pen. Furthermore, they present a big display as compared to S22 Ultra. Therefore, a slot seems like more than a necessity for delivering the greatest convenience.