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Samsung’s XR headset is rumored to include a ground-breaking feature

For quite some time now, we’ve all known that Samsung is working on an XR headset. Reportedly, the company is working on this product in partnership with Google and Qualcomm. After dropping the Gear VR line of headsets, the company has been developing a high-end standalone mixed-reality headset. The Gear VR line utilizes a smartphone as a screen and processor. As per some fresh pieces of information, Samsung’s headset will debut with a revolutionary feature.

The tipster Revegnus claims that the upcoming headset by Samsung will be an interesting product. Similar to Apple’s Vision Pro, the XR headset by Samsung will feature a 3,000 ppi pixel density. It will also feature support for touch, just like the Vision Pro. However, the company will include a support for smell in the headset. There are no details on whether it will sense smell or create it. We don’t see the use in being able to smell, and being able to simulate smell would enhance the immersion of VR experiences such as games, movies, and more.

In the electronics segment, there are no efficient devices that can create smell. However, it will be revolutionary if Samsung is successful with this approach. Given the source of this information, we would recommend our readers take it with a grain of salt. Given the two other companies, it is evident that the upcoming XR headset will feature a processor designed by Qualcomm and software designed by Google.

It might include several cameras as well as sensors. It may be compatible with Galaxy laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The XR headset might come with a microLED screen from eMagin. However, asserting anything more would be pure conjecture, and we still have a few more months to go before we can learn anything definite about the upcoming gadget.

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