Some creators on Twitter were just paid $25

Back in February, the CEO of Twitter claimed that some creators on the platform will be eligible for earning revenue. There was no other information available about it back then. However, this week, the platform begins notifying the eligible creators that they will receive revenue in the next three days. Reportedly, some of the creators have received as high as $25k.

Well, things are not entirely crystal clear. Musk declares that the creators have been paid based on their activity in the past five months i.e., beginning from the time announcement was made until last month. Well, platforms usually pay high when they first begin paying the users. the payments are reduced later on possibly because the number of users getting the payments increase. However, this might not be the case with Twitter since it is sharing a part of ad revenue.

What are the prerequisites for this program?

The terms and conditions to be eligible for this program are quite high. First and foremost the creator must be a Twitter Blue subscriber. Secondly, the creator must achieve the target of at least 5 million impressions per month for a period of three months. Furthermore, the creator must qualify for the human review for Creator Monetization Standards. Do note that this standard has its own set of terms and conditions.

Even if it’s pay-to-play, it’s a smart decision by Twitter. However, if your Twitter following is substantial enough, Blue’s $8 monthly fee will more than cover this expense. Remember that replies and postings might be given priority in Twitter Blue. In any case, Blue will provide you with greater impressions.

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