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Six New Features That Would Be Part Of WhatsApp Soon

Over a billion users use WhatsApp and to keep them intact and ensure more users keep on joining the App the makers keep on adding new, unique features. Those features are first tested on limited users and then released worldwide. Six new features are on testing phase by WhatsApp and soon they will be released.

The most current feature now part of  WhatsApp is YouTube integration in the App. Users now don’t need to leave WhatsApp to watch YouTube videos.

In India, another feature that would soon be part of WhatsApp is Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Through this feature, money would be transferred without any issues. At the moment WhatsApp is in contact with the government about integrating UPI feature.

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The feature to pull back messages you have already sent was first tested in December 2016, it is yet to be released globally.

Another feature spotted on beta version is live location sharing. Through this features users would be able to share live location with others from 1, 2, 5 minutes or forever.

Another test came for Windows Phone where if a user changes his number in WhatsApp it is notified to all their contacts making all the procedure less burdensome. Widespread rollout of this feature is yet to be seen.

WhatsApp will soon release a feature through which users can edit parts of a message they have sent instead of getting back the whole message.

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