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Snapchat Announces to Reward $1 million on Creating a Viral Video


Earlier today, Snapchat announced to reward $1 million on creating a viral video on Spotlight. Not only the biggest stars of Snapchat will be rewarded but also people with personal and private accounts will be rewarded too.

Spotlight is one of the new features on Snapchat announced to take on TikTok. The feature allows the user to make videos and later on, share them among your followers.

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The reports stated that Snapchat’s new feature Spotlight is going to select the most engaging video by using an algorithm that will help the application to figure what people are interested in. later on, out of all the videos the application will select the most viral videos and then reward them with $1 million every day till the end of this year. Moreover, the widely-used application announced that this may continue till the next year.

The videos made by the users will have to be submitted to the scheme in order to become suitable for rewards. The users must be older than sixteen years and will have to stand by copyright rules, alcohol, use of drugs, and sponsorship among other things.  If anyone tries to cheat the system, in that case, the algorithm will continuously check the feed.

Although, it has not been revealed how much a video can make as it mainly depends on the number of views a video receives.

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  1. Snapchat is working on new strategies and has the potential to overtake TikTok, while both apps are growing. Thanks for the information.

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