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The Snapdragon Insider Access Program application process is now open


Qualcomm has announced that it is now accepting applications for the Insider Access Program. Most of the people might be waiting for a long to be a part of it. Well, the time has arrived. Just pull up your socks and apply for the Snapdragon Insider Access Program. Basically, this program by Snapdragon is designed for the growth and improvement of the Snapdragon community in particular regions. The opportunity provides the applicants with access to resources and platforms for moving ahead with their creative skills. The company has opened this program for creators and tech geeks.

Many of you might be wondering what will the applicants receive upon applying for this program. Well, Qualcomm will present the applicants with several benefits. They will be given access to devices that are based on Snapdragon chips before they launch in the market for the public. These products could be smartphones, tablets, or even laptops. These products will be from various brands that are potential collaborators of Qualcomm.

Coming to the requirements for applying to the Snapdragon Insider Access program, are quite simple and straightforward. Applicant must be above 18 years and be a resident of the US. Additionally, the applicant must be a tech content creator. The selected candidates will get a chance to get training from well-established tech influencers. Furthermore, their content will be presented on the social media platform of Qualcomm.

Besides this, we can expect that the program extends its availability to other regions as well. However, currently, it is only restricted to the US.

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