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Surface Duo 2 Firmware Update Improves Video Call Quality

Surface Duo or Surface Duo 2 owners can look forward to new firmware updates. With the updates, some bug fixes have been implemented and the quality of video calls has been improved. However, an update to Android 12L is still not available. As Windows Central writes, the firmware updates for the Surface Duo and the Surface Duo 2 include the Android security update for the month of August.

The updates focus on both device stability and security enhancements. The changelog shows that in the future, owners should benefit from better video quality during a video call. The improvement is to be achieved using a revised driver that provides faster processing of the images.

The update is only 50 megabytes in size, so users don’t have to delete too many files to access the update. Surface Duo owners should note that firmware updates cannot be uninstalled again. To install the new version, the device must first be connected to a network. It is then possible to search for new updates via the “System update” submenu in the settings.

Android 12L is not ready yet

In addition to the original Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, the Surface Book 3 has recently received the latest firmware update. Here the update brought improvements related to the stylus. If you want to use Android 12L in combination with your Surface Duo, you have to be patient. The firmware update does not bring a new version of the Google operating system.

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