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Surface Neo To Launch With Windows 10x In 2020

Surface Neo

The delays in developing Windows 10X are taking on new dimensions. Not only is Microsoft supposed to set up the stripped-down operating system as a Chrome OS competitor until next year, but it will also only be optimized for the Surface Neo significantly later.

Not only the coronavirus pandemic but also the realignment of Windows 10X has upset Microsoft’s schedule. While the operating system under the internal code name Santorini was only intended as a Windows adaptation for foldable and foldable dual-screen devices, work is now underway on a competitor to Google Chrome OS, which will be available in spring 2021 for cheap and, above all, less powerful notebooks and desktops. PCs should appear. The Surface Neo launched last year has to adapt to these plans. There is talk of expected start date in 2022.

The former reference product has to move into the background

As the colleagues from the ZDNet report, citing insider information, Windows 10X, which will be released next year, should primarily focus on business customers and education and should only be optimized for systems with one screen (single-screen devices). An expansion of the target group is not planned until a year later in spring 2022. This should also include adaptation for dual-screen devices. It can, therefore, be assumed that Microsoft will deliver its new Surface Neo tablet with a significant delay. The actual reference product for the new Windows version is moving further into the background.

The success of the new Windows 10X remains to be seen, especially after the abandonment of container virtualization “VAIL”. This should ensure that classic Win32 programs are still available to Windows 10 Lite. Now Microsoft should primarily focus on the use of UWP and web apps for Edge and bring well-known software formats, if at all, to Windows 10X devices via cloud streaming. In this way, the Redmond company can set up the new operating system more broadly and, for example, also supply low-end systems with ARM processors. Microsoft already indicated the realignment in May.

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