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Teamviewer Teams Up With SAP Group For Expansion


The software company Teamviewer can look back on a rather eventful year. First the big corona boom, then the situation cooled down quite quickly. Before things got too slow, however, it was now possible to secure close cooperation with the SAP group.

In the future, Teamviewer will be integrated directly into the SAP components for asset and service management. This makes it easier for administrators, for example, to maintain a group’s SAP systems remotely – such as the home office. In addition, Teamviewer is also marketed through the SAP partner program.

This gives the small software manufacturer longer-term and certainly very lucrative access to the enterprise market. Developing this on your own is a very tedious thing, as it is about infrastructures that are planned long-term and conservatively and in which experiments with new technology are only very tentative – especially if they come from providers with whom you can have not worked together before.

The signing of the contract with SAP could hardly have come at a better time for Teamviewer. Because the company had experienced an enormous boom with its remote software at the beginning of the Corona crisis last year, but it shrank back to a normal level relatively quickly. Although there was still good growth, shareholders had certainly expected a little more shortly after the IPO.

Before there can be a bad mood at the annual general meeting, the contract was signed. Of course, it is not yet possible to say in detail how the cooperation will work out. But it is clear that there could hardly be a better partner for Teamviewer if you want to be successful in the business market in the long term.

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