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Tesla shares climb because they could deliver close to a million cars


Tesla is the “largest” automaker in the world, but that doesn’t apply in terms of size, but in terms of market capitalization. Because when it comes to the number of cars sold, you are still a comparatively small number. Nevertheless, Tesla can look forward to good sales figures. To explain the introduction, you have to give specific sales figures, of course, because companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and General Motor are still in a different league when it comes to the number of units: The first two manufacturers each sold more than nine million vehicles in 2020. Tesla is far from such sales figures, even if they are currently looking forward to more than just a good year in 2021. Because in the last quarter of the previous year alone, the electrical manufacturer from Elon Musk managed to deliver 308,600 vehicles. It was possible to increase in the final spurt of the year, because in the third quarter there were “only” 241,300 cars sold – which, however, was also relatively good.

Model 3 and Y most popular

As far as the last quarter is concerned, it is clear which models are particularly popular: Because of the 308,600 cars sold, the Model S and X accounted for 11,750, while 296,850 buyers are looking forward to a new Model 3 or Y. The year is also seen at a large distance in front. Tesla was able to sell a total of 936,172 cars in the previous year (via The Verge), that’s more than we set ourselves in 2020 and set out as a target. CEO Elon Musk would certainly not have minded breaking the one million mark. However, in November 2021, the Tesla boss had his employees informed that Tesla shouldn’t produce like hell, but rather concentrate on cost efficiency. For investors, however, the “almost million” was more welcome news, because this morning Tesla was able to make significant gains on the stock exchange, the price was able to climb by seven to eight percent after the start of trading.


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