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Tesla Superchargers Have Been Destroyed and No One Knows Why

Tesla Network Supercharger terminals are regularly vandalized in the United States. The same scenes are played out in several US states: owners of electric cars cannot charge their vehicles because the cable has been cut. In some places, the relegations are daily and very well organized. This begs a question: why?

A strange phenomenon regularly occurs in the United States: the vandalism of Tesla Supercharger terminals. This certainly does not only concern the American network. However, the most recent examples come from across the Atlantic. Tesla’s Reddit thread recently posted a post explaining that someone has cut the charging cable from several charging stations in a park in Cincinnati

This degradation was carried out at all terminals of the park except four. Why? Because they’re the only ones visible from the security camera, period. The author of the post explains that he had the opportunity to talk to a Tesla technician. The latter admitted to him that the terminals are vandalized very regularly. Last time only dated… from the day before. The photo accompanying this article accompanied exactly this message.

No one knows why Supercharger terminals are being vandalized

And this is not the only example. In Los Angeles, on the same Reddit thread, another user posted a video showing all the Supercharger terminals in an underground parking lot. All cables are also cut there No terminal is spared. But the modus operandi is something else. In Cincinnati, the cables were cut flat. And this is not the case in Los Angeles, implying that they could be two different groups. Perhaps with two different goals.

And precisely, all reports evoke the motives of these vandalistic acts: they are unknown. No claims No message. There are several possible hypotheses. Is this a method of restoring charging interfaces for alternative use (faster charging of a Tesla)? Is this a protest against Tesla, against the erratic Elon Musk, whose Twitter takeover is on hold, or against the development of the electric car? Several hypotheses are mentioned. No arrests have been announced yet.

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