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Why SSL Is So Important For Online Websites

In a modern technological world, when trying to find no deposit bonus codes 2022, irreversible damage can be done in split seconds, just by the click of a button or an unverified link; the need for data protection against unauthorised access is paramount. In sectors like finance, health, and law, the protection of users’ data is of utmost priority, as mishandling can bring adverse effects. But what does that have to do with the gambling industry?

What SSL Actually Is

SSL is the acronym for Secure Socket Layer, a type of data protection that keeps your personal information and data safe while browsing the internet or using a particular website. SSL encryption ensures that the data sent between users and a website or between certain systems is encrypted and made unreadable to third parties and unauthorised users. With SSL, you are assured that you are not putting yourself in jeopardy and do not risk losing all your sensitive data like a credit card, pin, or password, putting it in the hands of online scammers, hackers, or just anyone.

There are lots of benefits of SSL. There is no reason why any online casinos shouldn’t have it integrated into their business. Having said that, here are 5 reasons why we think SSL is indispensable, and every casino should prioritise it for their players.

Hiding Sensitive Information

You will do everything to protect your loved ones and most valuable items as much as you can. You would not even hesitate to take some of these items to a financial institution if you believe their immediate environment poses an impending danger to their safety, would you? That’s exactly what the concept of SSL is about. Secure Socket Layer encrypts your personal information so that no one can intercept it while using a website. SSL encrypted websites transfer data through HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security).

What information does SSL protect? It protects your passwords, pins, user names, or images. It hides all the vital information you must provide to gambling sites to become their customer. Think of your email address, social security number, phone number, or, even credit card information: SSL keeps you safe by shielding your data from the public.

It Boosts Customers’ Confidence and Trust

Having an SSL isn’t only in the interest of the bettors; it is also a pointer to how legit the platform of a slot provider is. It shows customers that your site is secure and safe for betting and business, generally. It will be erroneous to assume that customers aren’t aware of their rights as regards data protection and safety. For most customers, keeping their data safe is non-negotiable. Once they don’t feel protected, they don’t want to get involved. The absence of an SSL certificate is a huge turn-off and a great reason to bail out and keep it moving.

Complying with Regulation

The gambling industry is regulated by the government and other relevant bodies that ensure compliance with laid-down rules. Regardless of which country you operate in as a slot provider, every country has standard rules and regulations that casinos have to adhere to to be able to obtain a license or be allowed to operate without hassles. In the UK, it’s the UK Gambling Commission. In Australia, they are regulated by different bodies both at the state and federal levels. Most of these regulatory bodies will not approve an online casino without an SSL certificate. This is because they understand full well the danger it poses to consumer data. If you ever come across a casino operating without this technology in place, that is the first cue you need to doubt their entire reputation.

Search Engine Optimization

Premium and quality content is a great way to rank higher on not just Google but every other reputable search engine. However, that’s not all there’s to securing the top spot on search engines, especially Google. There are other dominant factors like SSL encryption. Sites with SSL will rank higher than the ones without SSL. This helps bots to recognise the validity and genuineness of the website, thereby ranking it low or high.

In a saturated market, where competition is tight, security could be one thing that will give you an edge over your competitors. No matter how you think about it, it will be a win-win situation for you in the end. You earn the trust of customers to boost your business and also that of AI to make the algorithms in your favour.

Protection Against Online Fraud

Cyber fraud has become a societal menace. And it is the more reason why you should be careful about how and where you input your most personal details. An online casino without SSL is an easy target for hackers and scammers. Without breaking a sweat, hackers can discover users’ login details of registered customers and carry out unauthorized transactions. An SSL encrypted site will require extra tactics like phishing or clickbait links to carry out. If you don’t fall for the bait, then you are safe.

How to Know an Online Casino Is Using SSL

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to find this out. There are ways to find out if the website you are on has a secure connection or not. Here are quick ways to recognise an online casino with SSL

Trying to find no deposit codes 2022 and other juicy offers is great, but before anything, you should first check out for the “padlock symbol” at the address bar (the bar in a web browser where the address of the page is displayed) at the top of your web browser window. If the lock is closed, it means that the website is using a valid SSL certificate, and you don’t have to worry about your security on that site. Sometimes, this could be indicated by a green symbol, but the exact look of it depends on the browser you are using. If you are not sure, you can always click the symbol to reveal more detailed information about security.  

Another way to spot a secure connection is to check out the web address. If you can see that “HTTPS://” is used in front of the address, this is another indicator that it is a secure connection. The “S” in HTTPS stands for security. However, if the “S” is missing, and you can only see “HTTP://”, then there is no encryption, and you should not transmit any data over that connection.


The use of SSL certificates is important in our time and era. Matter-of-factly, no online casino should be coaxed before they get it done. Any online casino that cares about the protection of their players’ data will apply it before anything else.  It is only by playing at encrypted sites that you are guaranteed that your connection is secure. But if you choose to play in any other ones because of whatever reason, you might just be putting too much at stake all at once.

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