The Mexican government requests smartphone companies refrain from obstructing unlawfully imported phones

According to some recent pieces of information, the Mexican government has urged smartphone manufacturing companies to stop blocking illegally imported smartphones. Reportedly, the smartphones that are illegally imported are sold via the gray markets of the region. In response to this situation, Samsung responded by saying that it would stop blocking smartphones. Furthermore, the company stated that it will work in close association with the government and agencies to rule out a solution to this problem.

Initial reports suggest that Motorola and ZTE banned illegally imported smartphones in Mexico. Due to this, users were unable to use the smartphones bought from Mexican markets. Following this, the South Korean conglomerate Samsung declared that it would also block illegally imported smartphones. These phones may have an impact on service quality and create issues when attempting to validate warranty terms.

Concerning this situation, the Mexican government has recently published a press release. The company has asked the smartphone companies to stop blocking smartphones as it directly impacts the end user who spends a huge sum of money to buy them. Furthermore, the government has requested that smartphone companies organize a working group based on different agencies, brands, and other partners. With the help of this group, the companies will be able to find out the possible solutions and fight the challenges posed by the smartphone gray market.

Moreover, it will also protect consumer rights in all situations. In addition to this, an awareness campaign regarding the problems caused by illegally imported smartphones will be run by Mexico’s Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) and the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT). The reports from local media suggest that among five smartphones, at least one is sold via the country’s gray market. Such a situation makes it difficult to conduct business operations in a region since the official record for the sale of smartphones is absent.

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