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The Pixel Watch has the same chip as Galaxy Watch 2018

Google’s first connected watch will by no means use the latest generation of components. The Pixel Watch is expected to use a chip that’s a few years old now, as it was the one that powered the 2018 Galaxy Watch.

Google lifted the veil a few days ago with its first connected watch, the Pixel Watch. Although it won’t arrive until next fall, we already know a little more about its technical features. According to a source from our colleagues at 9to5Google, the watch from the American manufacturer is going to use a fairly old chip since it is already 4 years old. Indeed, it appears that the Pixel Watch is powered by a chip Exynos 9110, the same one found in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, released in 2018† As a memory, it is a chip engraved in 10 nm with 2 Cortex-A53 cores.

No latest-generation SoC for the Pixel Watch

Given the close partnership with Samsung, the Pixel Watch was expected to use the latest chip from the Korean manufacturer, the Exynos W920, notably found in last year’s Galaxy Watch 4. This mainly uses more recent Cortex-A55 cores and a finer engraving of 5 nm that allows the watch to benefit from a longer runtime† We already knew that Google has been working on a connected watch for a few years, but the American manufacturer will have taken a long time to formalize its launch. It is therefore plausible that Google has decided to keep the chip that the company had started working on during the first tests of the connected watch.

As a memory, this is not the first time that Google has used a chip from Samsung in its devices† The Tensor chip introduced in the Pixel 6 would eventually just be a custom Exynos chip. It is therefore not surprising that Google once again relies on the SoCs of the Korean manufacturer. However, it was hoped that Google’s first Watch would use a next-gen chip, and even the next chip that will power the Galaxy Watch 5, which is due out this summer.