The red Gmail notification indicator is back

Last week, it was reported that tech giant Google has introduced a modification to the Gmail’s icon. The company modified the notification icon from red to a dynamic theme. As of now, the company has reversed the changes. Thankfully, the red Gmail notification icon is back.

The red Gmail notification icon returns

Google has started rolling out Gmail version 2023.06.11x. It accompanies the red Gmail notification icon. The question is: Did Google do this on purpose in response to feedback, or is it just a temporary tweak while they work out some issues? Well, many users wanted this change since it was easy to spot. The company has not shared any details regarding this update. It is a matter of time whether the company reverts it again in future updates or not.

A minor but meaningful change

Well, this is just a minor addition, yet meaningful for several users. Among the several email service providers, Gmail is the most common and famous one. It’s challenging to envision the Gmail logo without the red color, which is likely a contributing factor to why some were offended. In addition, the icon is more difficult to distinguish.

This is somewhat understandable because it can be difficult to envisage some app logos without the colors that go with them. For instance, while discussing Facebook or Google Keep, you automatically picture the color blue and yellow comes to mind. On the other hand, Gmail and YouTube, are all red.

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