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There are even more ads in Gmail now


With each popular site, ads came up as they were part of that website. Ads are available almost everywhere on the internet. In Gmail, ads are available in the inbox. But it seems that there’ll be more ads than that from now on.

Ads in Gmail just don’t make sense, as they’ll be popping out of your inbox and displaying all the info they’ve got. To avoid it, you can pass through them. They are there in an unrecognizable manner.

More ads in Gmail!

As per information via 9to5Google, many users are protesting getting even more ads in their Gmail. These ad issues were displayed on Twitter along with screenshots. They are not just in your inbox; they’re scattered everywhere.

Previously, these ads were above your inbox, but now they are just popping up out of nowhere. Some screenshots via Twitter showed multiple ads on screen. Users are likely to be irritated by this issue.

As of now, this problem is affecting the desktop version of Gmail and is affecting a specific set of users. Although we’re not sure about it that much, Google might be testing it for now. Currently, we can’t predict if this will be available to all users; only time will tell.

It is not very shocking that Google is acting in this manner. The search engine giant, like other businesses, must make decisions to prevent financial losses. The state of the world economy is still precarious. Companies like Twitch are increasing their ad spending, much to the chagrin of users.

Furthermore, we can’t completely rule out ChatGPT’s impact on Google’s revenue. Since it was developed, the AI chatbot has experienced significant growth. Just let’s hope Google doesn’t expand the use of advertisements.

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